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Located perfectly inbetween Gili Trawangan and Gili Air is the pristine Gili Meno with beautiful coral beaches and a laid-back vibe you won’t forget anytime soon. Gili Meno is less touristy which makes it the perfect getaway for honeymooners and backpackers.

Because the island is rather secluded the restaurants and bars are limited but nevertheless of great quality. With fresh fish barbeques dominating the menus in the restaurants and bars along the beach and more luxurious options within small resorts, there is enough to choose from while on Gili Meno.

The best places for bars, restaurants and accommodation on Gili Meno are the harbour area and the North-Western part of the island, automatically making the North-Eastern shore better suited for a good night’s sleep.

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beach restaurant Gili Meno

Adeng Adeng

A family run beachside restaurant on Gili Meno, the smallest and most laid back of the three famous Gili Islands off Lombok (Adeng-Adeng literally translates to slow-slow).

The restaurant has excellent quality tranditional local food as well as western dishes to enjoy. The gorgeous location right on an exclusive stretch of beach at the northern tip of the island makes this one of the most romantic spots for dinner anywhere in the region. Delicious cool cocktails are served throughout the day, and whether you stay at the accommodation or not you may consider Adeng Adeng the perfect place to base yourself for a day of beachside relaxation under the tropical sun. Possibly the best location for swimming and snorkelling right off the beachfront anywhere in the Gili Islands.

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beach little Bali restaurant Gili Meno

Little Bali Restaurant

This gem of a restaurant, tucked away on the north side of the Island just a hundredt metres from the beach, has a fantastic decor and delicious food to match!  Friendly and fun for all the family.

Local dishes are the favourite here, and there's plenty to keep the kids happy, both with the menu (like fish and chips, pizza, and awesome burgers) and also with games such as pool, chess and cards. Worth more than just one visit! 

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Also check out the great accommodation they have on property, at the gorgeous Mahogany Cottage.


Beach restaurant Gili Meno

Meno Mojo

The beautiful Meno Mojo restaurant is located right on the beach, looking out towards Gili Air and Lombok beyond and thus boasting some of the best views in the region. Serving both international and Asian cuisine, the combination of fresh fish, seafood and an extensive menu is one you won’t forget any time soon.

During the day you can relax in a beachside beruga, enjoying a cool drink or a tasty lunch and in the evening the romantic setting and nightly live music creates the perfect ambience.

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best beach restaurant Gili Meno

Kura Kura - Tipsy Turtle Restaurant

The Tipsy Turtle restaurant is located at the Kura Kura Resort and is a lovely small restaurant overlooking Gili Meno harbour. The dishes range between Western and Indonesian dishes, but we recommend that you join the delicious daily fresh fish barbecue.
During the day you can rent snorkel equipment from the friendly Kura Kura staff, returning before sunset to enjoy the barbecue at the Tipsy Turtle while taking in the stunning view of Lombok as dusk sets in.
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