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bali to gili trawangan routes map

There are multiple other routes you can take between Bali, the Gili Islands, Lombok, Gili Gede and the Nusa Islands. Are you looking for a route not mentioned in our menu? Please have a look at the options below.

Bali to Gili Meno

Scoot Cruises goes from Bali to Gili Meno via an indirect route which is perfect if you'd like to stop over for at least one night on Lembongan on your route from Bali to Gili Meno. It is also possible to book a boat to Gili Trawangan with one of the other fast boat companies and take a local boat to Gili Meno when you arrive.

We also offer tickets from Bali to Gili Meno through our best of budget sister website www.gilitickets.com. If you want to take a direct fast boat from Bali to Gili T and a private speed boat from Gili T to Gili Meno you can find more info about this below in the section "Gili Trawangan to Gili Air or Gili Meno".

Gili Meno Bali

Bali to Nusa Ceningan

It is quite easy to get to Nusa Ceningan Island as it is attached to Lembongan by a (short) footbridge on the South side of the island, the famous Yellow Bridge. If you book your tickets from Bali to Lembongan with Scoot Fast Cruises you will get a free drop-off to the Yellow Bridge after arriving in Lembongan.

Bali to Gili Gede

The most convenient way to go from Bali to Gili Gede is with Gili Getaways daily service from Serangan Harbour via Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. For more information on this route please visit our Bali to Lombok page.

Yellow bridge Nusa Lembongan Ceningan

Lembongan to Gili

Lembongan to Gili can easily be booked through our website with Scoot, Gili Getaway and Blue Water. Blue Water Express and Gili Getaway sail direct to the Gili Islands from Lembongan (1 hour and 45 minutes) and Scoot sails via Lombok (Senggigi) to the Gili Islands (2,5 hours). You can find the approximate arrival times in the booking overview after performing a search on our website.

If you'd like to go from Bali to Lembongan to the Gili Islands you can simply book an Island Hopper ticket with Scoot or Blue Water Express allowing you to hop off on Lembongan (minimum 1 night stay). This is often cheaper than booking a separate ticket from Bali to Lembongan and from Lembongan to the Gili Islands.

Gili to Gili boat

Gili Trawangan to Gili Air or Gili Meno

There are three ways you can travel between the Gili Islands ranging from a cheap local service that departs once a day to a private service that can depart 24/7. Please see al three options below.

1. The easiest way is to pre-book a private Gili speed boat transfer with gili-islandtransfers.com allowing you to travel inbetween the Gili Islands at whatever time you'd like for around 35 euro's (around IDR 500.000).
2. You can take an inter island slow boat provided by Koperasi (the local transport corporation) with a few daily departures. They tend to leave when full, their boat is very basic with wooden benches to sit on and a small engine at the back. Mostly taken by locals. The price ranges from IDR 20,000 to 30,000 (around €1,50).

Gili Meno

2. You can buy tickets for the official charter boat service provided by Koperasi. Their boat is permitted to carry a maximum of 12 persons.
Gili Air to Gili Meno 1 way is IDR 170,000, return IDR 290,000
Gili Meno to Gili Air 1 way is IDR 170,000, return IDR 320,000
Gili Trawangan to Gili Meno 1 way is IDR 190,000, return IDR 350,000
Gili Meno to Gili Trawangan 1 way is IDR 195,000, return IDR 350,000
Gili Meno to Senggigi to 1 way is IDR 490,000, return IDR 690,000

Gili Trawangan beach

Nusa Penida to the Gili Islands

Gili Getaway offer a direct route from Nusa Penida to the Gili Islands at 10AM daily. However, if you buy an island hopper ticket from Bali to the Gili Islands with Scoot Cruise, a stopover on Nusa Penida can be included.

Hop off the boat at Nusa Penida and back on a few days later on a date of your choosing to continue from Nusa Penida to the Gili Islands. This works out cheaper than booking seperate legs of your journey, however the Scoot route is from Nusa Penida to Gili is longer via Senggigi, Lombok. 

Lembongan to the Gili Islands

Nusa Penida to Gili Gede

If you're staying on Nusa Penida you can book a direct boat from Nusa Penida to Gili Gede with Gili Getaway. The boat departs Nusa Penida daily at 11:30 and arrives at Gili Gede only one hour later. Simply perform a search from Nusa Penida to Gili Gede in our search box and select your trip from the results.

Nusa Penida to Lembongan

Gili Getaway offers a trip from Nusa Penida to Lembongan by fast boat of around 15 minutes. Gili Getaway goes from Nusa Penida to Jungut Batu Harbor on the North-West side of Lembongan, which is one of the most popular areas on the island making it ideal for most arrivals. You can pre-book this through our search box. Alternatively, local speed boat services can also be found at the harbour at Toya Pakeh, Nusa Penida going to Lembongan, the South of the island near the Yellow Bridge.

Gili Islands to Lombok

From the Gili Islands it is only a short trip over to Lombok as the Gili Islands are only 15-20 minutes away from North Lombok by fast boat. You can check at the local jetty if there are any boats going to Lombok that day or you could pre-book your private transfer from Gili to Lombok on Gili-islandtransfers.com (you can also book your land transport on Lombok with them).

Nusa Penida to Lombok

Nusa Penida Broken Beach

Gili Gede to Lombok

As Gili Gede is very close to Lombok's mainland it is actually quite easy to get from Gili Gede to Lombok. You can simply pre-book a private transfer from Gili Gede to anywhere in Lombok through our sister website Gili-islandtransfers.com.

Alternatively, you could book a local boat at the jetty on Gili Gede to Sekotong Harbour on Lombok where you can try your luck booking a taxi to other places in Lombok.

Gili Gede to Lombok

If your route is not within this list, please feel free to contact us. This way we can help you find the best route and help fellow travelers by adding this route to this page.

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