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Bali to Lombok Ferry

You can book your tickets from Bali to Lombok or any of the other popular islands close to Bali simply by using our search box. If you are looking for the Eka Jaya fast ferry from Padang Bai to Lombok, you can find it on our sister site, Gilitickets.com

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Traveling by fast boat or small fast ferry from Bali to Lombok is quick, comfortable and affordable. Services sail to the most popular areas of Lombok, including the famous Gili islands. The journey takes less than 2 hours on average. If you are looking for the easiest way to get from Bali to Lombok or Bali to the Gillies, while also wanting to keep to a budget, check out our fast boat services.

Ferry or Fast boat to Lombok?

What's the difference? Simply put: Speed & Size. Fast boats have been designed for speed and agility in the water, cutting down journey time between Bali and Lombok by more than 70% compared to the slower public ferries. The fast boats from Bali to Lombok and Bali to the Gili islands have a decades long proven track record of being the best way to travel by sea in the region. Specifically designed for the waters around Bali and Lombok, and ranging in seating capacity from 30 to 180 seats, the bigger types can rightly be called high speed ferry to Lombok.

On the other hand, the large public ferry from Bali to Lombok is really most suited to locals and freight. However, if you are thinking of exploring Lombok's remote and stunning southern shoreline, areas such as Selong Belanak, Belongas Bay and Kuta Lombok, and are coming from east Bali areas like Ubud or Candidasa, perhaps the ferry service to Lembar is worth considering. On arrival in Lembar harbour, Lombok, you can get an overland Lombok transfer to anywhere you like through Gili-islandtransfers.com.

bali fast ferry to lombok

Bali Ferry

There are daily public ferry services from Padang Bai in east Bali to Lembar in southwest Lombok. These depart from the ferry terminal in Padang Bai harbour and represent the cheapest but slowest and most uncomfortable way to travel from Bali to Lombok.

The typical sailing time is upwards of 5 hours at sea, and if your final destination in Lombok is Senggigi or the Gili islands, you will need to take an overland transfer of an additional hour to Senggigi or 2 hours to Gili once you arrive in Lembar. Not only does this take a full day of travel from point to point, but the amount you save on the ferry is likely to be negatively offset by the overland transfer on arrival in Lombok.

Therefore, we thoroughly recommend a direct fast boat service from Bali to Lombok or Bali to the Gili islands instead.

bali to lombok ferry

Alternatively, if you are coming from south Bali areas such as Seminyak or Sanur (Denpasar region), the best option by boat from Bali to Lombok is to take the approx. 2hr Gili Getaway service from Serangan Bali to Gili Gede, after which a transfer to anywhere on Lombok can be provided by our local partners.

Flights from Bali to Lombok

Flying from Bali to Lombok airport is also a possibility. Domestic flights are relatively cheap and the flight time takes around 30mins: not including check-in, baggage and arrivals. You can get a taxi from Lombok Airport to Senggigi or a private car + speed boat transfer from Lombok Airport to the Gili islands or anywhere else on Lombok once you arrive. These can be pre-booked online easily through the links provided.

Lombok rice fields

Ferry from Bali to Gili

There are no public (slow) Bali to Gili ferry services, for this route, smaller fast boats are used, specifically designed for speed across the Lombok strait (sea between Bali and Lombok). As the Gili islands are so tiny, any larger vessels would damage the marine life and coral closer to shore. There are no deep water harbours and most arrivals and departures are right from the main Beach on each island, with the exception of Gili Air that has a dedicated jetty. The fast boats to Gili range from around 30 going up to 180 seats. You can find out about and compare all the best fast boat services to the Gillies on our Gili fast boat page.

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Bali ferry to Nusa Lembongan

There is a twice daily fast ferry from Bali to Lembongan, as well as a Bali to Nusa Penida Ferry. Services depart from Serangan in south Bali in the morning and Padang Bai jetty in east Bali in the afternoon, taking approx. 45mins to arrive at a floating pontoon between the Nusa islands. Passengers are shuttled to shore on smaller craft.

Additionally there are plenty of smaller fast boats from South Bali Sanur to Lembongan, such as Scoot Cruise which you can book with us.

Bali to Java Ferry

In the far northwestern tip of Bali, close to the island of Java, is a small peninsula known as Gili manuk. There is a public Gilimanuk ferry from Bali to Java, well connected to the main road from Denpasar. Boats run throughout the day and it's just a question of turning up and paying for a ticket on the next available crossing in the port. Its extremely cheap and the journey takes around 1hr to reach Java, dependant on currents.

Again, don't expect much comfort on these Bali public ferry options: It's a real backpacker choice, mainly used by local freight. The quickest way to get from popular areas in Bali to Java, is to take a usually quite affordable domestic flight. More about Bali island hopping.

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