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Located in the northwest of Lombok, Tanjung is home to some of the island's best hotels and villas, amongst which The Oberoi at Medana Beach is probably Lombok's most prestigious resort. Nearby you'll also find the Kosaido Golf Course as well as the modern Medana Bay Marina. Dotted around the area, as well as along the nearby Sire Peninsula, you'll find a selection of top-end resorts and luxury villas as well as a handful of mid-range and budget options too. Local activities include snorkelling and diving and, with good access to Mount Rinjani and Senaru, volcano hiking tours are readily available. - Tanjung Resorts - Lowest Rates

With its uncrowded beaches, affording views of the Gili Islands, and the towering slopes of Mount Rinjani as a backdrop, Tanjung is ideally situated to explore the best of what Lombok has to offer. The last few years has seen a boom in accommodation options in the region and, as the administrative capital of the new North Lombok Regency, the town of Tanjung itself has also seen considerable growth. It's a good 2 hour journey from the Lombok International Airport to the resorts and hotels in the area, so many visitors from Bali opt for one of the fast boat services to Senggigi or The Gili Islands and then transfer from there. brings you a wide range of Lombok accommodation, as well as useful information and travel tips on what to see and do around Tanjung and other regions in Lombok.

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